Bitcoin $100k By The End of 2024 - Standard Charted Report PDF Download

Bitcoin $100k By The End of 2024 - Standard Charted Report PDF Download

This morning I saw a report from Standard Charted that Bitcoin could hit $100k by the end of 2023. It seems to have gotten some traction on Twitter.

I also posted the report today in Discord before I noticed the tweet from @NewsInSmoll

Anyways, here is the PDF link. I uploaded it for free.

Okay, well, there's a price, it's password protected, and you have to use this lovely password to open the PDF.

password: iAcceptThatRomanoIsRightAboutWomen

Disclaimer: I don't agree or disagree with anything in the paper. It's just sharing the PDF without any of my personal takes on it. Remember, these wild calls are often drawn to attract attention from the media. It's the wild price calls that always get the attention. Please, manage your risk as always.

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