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Why join the Discord group?

Writing newsletters and blog posts takes time, especially since I care about quality.

  • Discord might be one way to send minor updates about the markets when the newsletter isn't finished yet.
  • Network with other Members.
  • Easier to receive feedback & ideas.
  • Ask questions to me or others.
  • Bonding.
  • Talk about topics from the newsletters or other topics.
A group of well-ordered, disciplined men united by friendship & ambition


  • FAQ: Is it worth joining if I am not a premium newsletter member?
  • Answer: Join if you like the previous newsletters and want to talk with others about topics such as trading, macroeconomics or programming, etc. Do not expect trading "signals" from me. This Discord channel is an added bonus, getting closer to my readers and those seeking education. Obviously, the crypto airdrops should be enough to get your subscription investment out of it.

The older newsletters can be found here: romanornr.io

  • FAQ: I'm not sure about joining. Where can I find free educational resources written by you?
  • Answer: Visit my medium page https://medium.com/@romanornr/



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