Return of 50 cent VIX trader - Feb 17 2023

Return of 50 cent VIX trader - Feb 17 2023

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a mysterious trader known for making big bets in the options market made a comeback. The trader paid $0.50 each for 100k call options worth $5 million on Tuesday and another 500k contracts worth $2.6 million on Wednesday, betting on the VIX.


The "50 cent trader" is a mysterious character who got his moniker by making similar trades in the past. Today, the trader seems to be making a comeback, and bets indicate that the trader is hedging against volatility.

For years this mysterious character has been making massive trades on VIX calls, buying them at $0.50, a play on the stage name of Rapper Curtis J. Jackson (also known as the rapper 50 Cent)

He probably began earlier, but as far as I can look back at history, it definitely began in April 2017 when his bets caught attention for buying extremely cheap VIX calls around $0.50. The timing was impeccable.

So who is this 50-cent VIX trader? What's his history?

2017 Strange Activity of the 50 Cent Trader

So in April 2017, VIX call volumes soared to their highest levels since Brexit, given a healthcare vote that was about to take place. The VIX collapsed to its former levels, and so did the VIX call volumes.

Enter the mysterious "50 cent trader", a large options trader who has consistently been making huge near-daily bets on the VIX and losing sums of money in the process. What made his activity weird was the pattern he adopted. Buying 50k VIX calls worth $0.50, no matter the strike price.

50 cent trader bet nearly $90 million and lost $75 million at the time, but with such large calls made, he became well hedged in a risk event, meaning he might have been in a long position and was looking for a hedge just in case hell would be coming.

2018 - The Year of Redemption for "50 cent trader"

So in 2017, suffering the slow drip-drip-drip torture of his losses, his time would soon come.

February 2018 was his moment of redemption. Markets experienced volatility that had not been seen before, 50 cent trader's massive VIX call spread trades paid off, and he eventually profited with a massive gain of $400 million within a single month.

Not bad


2019 - The Year of the "50 Cent Trader" and the VIXplosion

In July 2019, the mysterious "50 cent trader" sent shockwaves through the financial world. Someone was buying VIX calls, which are often seen as bearish bets or hedges on the stock market, causing the call/put ratio to soar.

This wasn't the first time this mysterious figure showed up, and it was clear it was the mysterious "50 cent trader" creating a huge pile of bearish bets for downward market volatility. Nobody knew just how disastrous the results of his moves would be.

What nobody expected was that 50 cent trader was about to unleash to the market was only the beginning of an even bigger event, the event the market participants would call "VIXplosion"

As it turned out, the mysterious trader was preparing for a massive stock market crash and had placed hundreds of thousands of calls in August, dwarfing the put volume 10:1

Ultimately, it proved too late as the VIXplosion happened soon afterward, sweeping away many investors. Nonetheless, 50-cent had proven once again to be a master at predicting market downturns. Successfully betting against the market yet again.  

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2019 - 50 cent Returns Short-Vol ETF

Every time the market moved in turmoil, "50 cent trader" lurked in the shadows. December 2019, his presence was there once again, and he bought up 130k January $22 calls on the index, each for $0.50

50 cent was back in business

What had changed this time around, though, was that a financial startup applied to Cboe Global Markets Inc. to register an exchange-traded fund that would allow investors to short futures on the VIX (a short-vol-ETN)

This product was designed to replace XIV, which had failed and caused the famous "volmageddon" in February 2018


2022 - "50 Cent Trader" Bettings on a Perfect Storm

2022 brought a wave of uncertainty as investors and analysts were trying to decipher what direction the markets would go.

That didn't seem to bother the "50 cent trader," who has been steadily increasing his call options on the VIX with a strike of 150 by year-end.

That was a bold move. The VIX at 150 would mean 2009 would look like a small event. Speculation began on the cause of his movement, and it became clear that the trader had seen something they didn't. He was betting on energy prices, a tight Fed, and a vicious inventory overhanging the economy.

Indeed, this soon became a reality as the S&P500 moved towards its 50-day moving average and the VIX options soared. Prices suddenly began to climb, and the beaten-down tech sector felt the full effect.  

It seemed like the "50 cent trader" knew something we didn't, and his hunch was a critical combination of events was about to take place. Through the months ahead, the market confirmed the 50-cent trader's fears, ultimately providing his risky VIX options was not only wise but prophetic.



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