Market Newsletter Week 10 2023

Market Newsletter Week 10 2023

The US equities markets had a roller coaster ride last week. Big upswings in the US equities markets Monday and a decent move lower in the US yields (led by the back end). However, the market took a big downturn on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Friday, however, the markets reversed course with a squeeze higher in US equities and a move lower in US yields. It's not clear what the catalyst was for this reversal.

Despite the wide disparity in yields, even a small move lower in yields can start a short-term squeeze in tech stocks.

Despite the wide disparity in yields, even a small move lower in yields can start a short-term squeeze in tech stocks.

Aside from Bostic's comments late Thursday (however, after the market had already moved fairly significantly) provided the first reassuring sign that the base case may well still be 25bps in the months ahead

Note; This time, I keep the newsletter just to quickly update and keep you all informed about what is to come this week.

Powell Speech, Payroll Reports to Shape Market's 50bps

However, as of right now, the market is now pricing in a decent possibility of 50bps in March

This week we will see some critical events that will help shape where the markets go. On Tuesday (tomorrow), we have Jerome Powell talking shit again. All eyes will be on whether he pushes back against the market's expectation of 50bps in March.

At the end of the week, we have the all-important payroll reports (it's all so tiresome), which can better indicate the US growth outlook.

Expectations from institutions is a headline of 250k, in line with the market's expectation of 215k, with the unemployment rate at 3.4% and the average Hourly Earnings at 0.3% month-on-month and 4.75% year-on-year.  

Also, Goldman Sachs estimates +200k

Governor Kuroda's Last Meeting: Impact on Japan's Economy

The Bank of Japan and Governor Kuroda's last meeting is at the end of the week. A lot of speculations and expectations for the future. Many think this meeting will likely be uneventful because it's close to the fiscal year.

The government and the Bank of Japan want to avoid making changes that can impact the bonds, forex, and equity markets.

There's still some risk of a "pass-the-baton" scenario where Governor Kurudo has to take responsibility for cleaning up the legacy YCC (Yield Curve Control) policy and lessen the burden on his successors, potentially causing tweaks to YCC.

There were some limited flows with an uptick of interesting USDJPY downside, potentially as a hedge for a "you never know" scenario.  

It's yet to be seen if the Bank of Japan and Kurdo's last meeting will impact these negotiations, but it will be an important moment in Japan's economic history.

Events this week

Tuesday, March 7

  • Fed Chair Powell Speaks

Wednesday, March 8:

  • ADP employment report
  • Trade balance
  • JOLTS job openings
  • Powell Speaks shit again

Thursday, March 9

  • Initial jobless claim
  • Fed Vice Chair for Supervision Barr speaks

Friday, March 10

  • Nonfarm payroll employment
  • Private payroll employment
  • Average hourly earnings month over month and year over year
  • Unemployment rate
  • Labor force participation rate
Nonfarm payrolls are a key indicator of the strength of the U.S. labor market. They track the number of people employed by businesses outside the agricultural sector and can be used to gauge the overall level of economic activity.

That was an oversimplified explanation of Nonfarm payrolls

Based on Goldman Sachs estimates, they expect non-farm payrolls to increase by 250k.

Historically, job growth trends remain strong in February due to the tighter labor market that comes with seasonal hiring. During the month, big data employment indicators such as job posting, hiring activity, and wage growth were all strong.

So I think further employment growth shouldn't come as a surprise. We can expect resilient US labor demand to offset weak layoffs in the information sector.

This is likely due to firms initiating spring hiring earlier in the month due to the tight labor market.

Moreover, data from Big Data employment indicators were strong in February. Furthermore, they expect that the overall high labor demand in the US will more than makeup for any rebound in layoffs in the Information sector.

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